Show List

Screenwriters Beat shows can be viewed in any order. Here’s a list, so jump in wherever you like!

Episode #1 – “First Screenwriting Job”

The panel talks about how they got their first screenwriting jobs and how they continue to find work.

Episode #2 – “Average Screenwriting Salary”

We discuss the range of pay out there for screenwriters and the types of jobs you can expect to find.

Episode #3 – “Taking Producer Notes”

The panel talks about their experiences in getting notes (script changes) from the producers they’ve worked with and how you can prepare for notes in your future.

Episode #4 – “Unofficial Working Screenwriter Rules”

The panel pulls from their experiences working with producers to share some “rules” to make you a better screenwriter and play nice with others.

Episode #5 – “Writing Partners”

At some point, you will have a screenwriting partner. It could be another screenwriter or a producer/manager that helps shape your script into something they can sell/film. Either way, the panel shares tips to make any partnership shine.

FOR THE COMPLETE LIST, please visit the Screenwriter’s Daily Dose, where Screenwriters Beat now lives. 

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