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Screenwriters Beat is now in residence at the Screenwriter’s Daily Dose website! It helps consolidates our resources. Please, join us!

Screenwriter’s Daily Dose shares links from all over the internet worth reading — for screenwriters! Click HERE to check it out!

Screenwriters Beat Breaks into Season 2!

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The Screenwriters Beat panel of working screenwriters are at it again with the first two episodes of Season 2! In Episode #21, the panel plays Ketchup, filling us in on what they’ve been doing during their winter break. The busy bunch have been on movies sets, networking at conferences and doing what they do best — writing! In Episode #22, the panel discusses how long you can pitch a movie idea. Is there a time limit on pitching a concept? Tune in and find out.


Watch Episode #21 – Ketchup

Watch Episode #22 – Script Pitching Time Limit

Screenwriting Mentor Chris Soth Shares Insider Secrets!

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Cutting to the core of what makes a good story great is a gift! And it’s a gift screenwriting mentor Chris Soth shares with his menthes and anyone smart enough to pick-up his book: “Million-Dollar Screenwriting: The Mini-Movie Method” available on Amazon.

Chris also sat down with Screenwriters Beat: Strategy Sessions to dish about his first sale — the movie “Firestorm” — and some of the mistakes he made. He also has some great advice on how to write and network your script to make your first sale or your next screenplay sale.

Watch Screenwriters Beat: Strategy Session with a Screenplay Mentor!

Screenwriters Beat Wraps up First Season!

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With a total of 20 episodes, Screenwriters beat wraps up its first season on YouTube with two episodes. Check out the links below to see the shows. (They are two of our best!)

Episode #19 – Finding Mr. Right (Producer)
Episode #20 – Juggling Multiple Projects

And we’ll be back in the New Year with more chats about being a working screenwriter. Until then, write on!

New Episodes on YouTube!

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Ever wondered how to respond to a producer’s email or what scenes NEED to be in a genre script? Well… wonder no more.

In Screenwriters Beat Episode #17 – How Industry Pros Talk to Writers, you’ll get some insight into what to expect. And how to react. (Hint: if a producer contacts you, smile. No matter what they say, it’s a good thing. Keep building that connection.)

In Screenwriters Beat Episode #18 – Obligatory Scenes, you’ll hear some scenes that audiences expect to see. The panel also plays a crazy game of Outlining — which includes some obligatory scenes.

For Episode #17 CLICK HERE.
For Episode #18 CLICK HERE.

But we hope you watch them both!!!

Best Quotes from Screenwriters Beat

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As I run across them — I’m taking notes on all the shows for a detailed show description list — I will be posting some of the great quotes coming out of the Screenwriters Beat shows.

From Nicole Jones-Dion:

Friends don’t let friends read first drafts.

So true, Nicole, so true!

Screenwriters Beat YouTube Channel Breaks 100!!!

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A big high-five to all our Subscribers on YouTube!!! You now number above 100! It’s a great number to reach, so onward to that 1,000 mark. No pressure!

Thanks for watching! We do this for you and have more shows on the way.

If you’ve missed them, we just released two new shows:

Episode #15: How to Get Work — click HERE to view.

Episode #16: Feedback vs. Coverage — click HERE to view.