Nicole Jones Dion

Nicole Jones-Dion

Nicole Jones-Dion is a produced screenwriter who specializes in genre films. Her credits include DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE (starring Academy Award-winner Jon Voight) and a live action adaptation of the best-selling martial arts video game TEKKEN – A MAN CALLED X for Crystal Sky (GHOST RIDER, DOOMSDAY). She also has several projects in development with Sean Cunningham (creator of FRIDAY THE 13TH).


Margaret Riseley –

Margaret is an Aussie screenwriter currently in development with three feature scripts: optioned rom-com adventure “Kissing Dynamite”, true story adventure “A Handy Little War”, and a rewrite of horror/thriller “Tjandara” for Bandicoot Pictures. Her dramedy short “Twilight Tango” was funded by Screen Australia in the Raw Nerve initiative and screened on Australian national TV, and another short “Hammered” is currently short-listed in the same initiative. She’s been a semi-finalist and finalist in major US screenplay competitions, and has recently agreed to be part of a team developing an Australian TV series.

Jeff Burns


Jeff is the creator of web series Super Knocked Up, host of geek pop culture show Super Geeked Up, a member of the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Web Television, and is secretly a superhero (shh, don’t tell anyone).

He’s now in Season 2 of his web series Super Knocked Up, which has been seen over 2 million times!  The series has won an IAWTV Award for Best Supplemental Content and The Geekie Award for Most Original Web Series.  It has been nominated at the Indie Series Awards and has been an official selection at Raindance Web Fest, Marseille Web Fest, HollyWeb, ITVFest, LA Webfest, TO WebFest, FirstGlance, and Melbourne WebFest.

Jeff is also the co-founder of Dyslexia Consultants where he helps students with learning differences improve their writing and critical reasoning skills.

One of Jeff’s dreams came true last year when he got to be on the Webseries Creators Assemble! panel at San Diego Comic-Con.  Super Knocked Up is based on Jeff’s actual life.  Okay, not really.  But he would really like to date a hot super-villain!

Nic bio pic

Nicole Keefler

Nicole Keefler is a Canadian television writer. She has worked on such animated series as The Busy World of Richard Scarry, The Little Lulu Show, Stickin’ Around, Franklin, Paddington Bear and others which have appeared on Disney Jr, HBO, Nick Jr and more. Nicole is currently making the transition from television to film and specializes in supernatural horror flics.

Eric Ingram

Eric Ingram

Eric Ingram is a multi-optioned screenwriter who writes visceral action-dramas and offbeat comedies about heroic underdogs who inspire change in the world around them.


Heidi Mastrogiovanni

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Heidi Mastrogiovanni moved to New York right after college to pursue an acting career. While she was studying at the legendary Manhattan Punchline Comedy Theatre, she formed a sketch comedy group with a few of her fellow students. It was in this troupe that Heidi discovered she was a much better writer than performer. “Seriously, I’ve seen video of myself on stage and it is not pretty. I am actually caught on tape answering a question before it was asked. Yikes.”

Heidi was honored to be chosen as one of ScreenwritingU’s 2013 Most Recommended Screenwriters. Her comedic novel, “Lala Pettibone’s Act Two,” will be appearing on a Kindle screen near you later this year. Heidi is thrilled to be working on the web comedy series “Verdene and Gleneda,” the basis for the upcoming sitcom “A Town Called Peculiar.”


Ann Kimbrough writes action/thriller scripts inspired by her adventures of growing up as a 3-star general’s daughter. Her background is in TV commercial and music video production, having managed million dollar budgets for commercials from Jenny Craig to Chrysler to Coke and music videos like Madonna’s Vogue video directed by David Fincher. She rounds out her Hollywood experience with principal and extra work as a SAG member. Writing credits include a re-write assignment with Frozen Fish Productions’ 2015-slated contained thriller “The Trial”, optioned script with Media Distribution Partners (7 SECONDS, THE DETONATOR) for contained action/thriller “Lockdown” in pre-production, and Skylight Films’ “Good Kid/Bad Kid” – a family action film licensed to Shaw Media/Canwest Global with 2014/2015 airdates.

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